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Over the last six million years, man has evolved to become smarter and better. Gone are the days of the hunter- gatherers and now is the time for the modern man to make his mark. But unlike our ancestors, the modern man is multifaceted. And in a world of unlimited choices, the modern man needs a guide. That’s us.

What we do

Life is about enjoying the finer things. Finding the finer things however, is a task in itself. We make that a little bit easier. Mestermor creates curated boxes that bring together the best of style, grooming and apparel in one convenient package. We not only help raise the bar of your closet, but also help you discover the things you didn’t know were perfect for you. We pride ourselves in spotlighting the best home-grown brands that create high-quality products that match your aesthetic.

How we do

The process is simple. Head to our website to fill in your personalized quiz, giving us a better idea of your tastes and preferences, and helping us create the perfect custom box for you. Super flexible plans ensure you have the freedom to decide how often you want a new box delivered. Or not. That’s it. All you have to do to embody what we send you.

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